A brochure series entitled “Know Your Rights” was produced within the context of the project. The brochure has included explanations on the most important topics related to personal status, such as marriage, custody and guardianship.

This brochure was directed for the vulnerable groups (namely, the women) who are facing serious ignorance for their basic legal rights. The brochure was distributed for the participants during the legal clinic sessions, and was circulated in the courts, police stations, prisons, detention centers, universities, juvenile rehabilitation centers; relevant organizations of child, women, and vulnerable groups; as well as the developing countries and poor areas.

In this respect, three brochures have been developed in both languages English and Arabic. These brochures have carried the following titles:

  • Know Your Rights – Marriage and Divorce
  • Know Your Rights- Custody
  • Know Your Rights – Guardianship of Minors

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